Why Android Games So Popular?

Why Android Game So Popular? According to many of us, mobile games are not good in the least. They do not think mobile games are so popular.                                                        However, the very fact is that on everyone’s phone you’ll see a couple of game installed.

Free or Inexpensive


One of the most reason behind their popularity is that they’re available free from charge. Actually, developers use ton of other way to get money for his or her efforts.

This helps their keep making more games. That is the reason you’ll see tons of games that are available for a few of dollars. Even the most of them are free that why Android Game So Popular.

Everyone loves free stuff, especially the great stuff. As an example, you’ll download Final Fantasy for free of charge. Even popular titles, like Pokémon Go is often downloaded for free of charge. You will not need to pay a penny for them.

Great Quality


Android games feature a retro feel, as they’re relatively easier to develop. However, there’s no compromise on quality.

You’ll see the foremost recent title compete with top titles like Super Nintendo and Genesis. As a matter of fact, you’ll find plenty of 3D game that is allow you to urge the foremost out of your Android handset. They provide amazing experience.

We can’t deny the very fact there are some not-so-good games for Android. The thing is the majority of them are entertaining.



Smartphone is portable to anywhere. So mobile games are often play anywhere, while waiting during a bus stand, or sitting during a car that’s reason Android Game So Popular.

Other platforms likes , Android offers tons of special stuff. Other systems, like Nintendo 3DS is mobile.

Since we all got to stay in-tuned with our family, friends, colleagues, and relatives, we use smart phones.

If you are expecting someone, playing a mobile game may be a cool idea. This may assist you pass time without becoming bored.

Since a smartphone is usually in your pocket, you’ll play your favorite game whenever you would like to.

Immersion and Novelty


Just like Pokémon Go, Android offers a degree of immersion that no other platform has been readied to offer. Many mobile games provide a real-life experience.

They create people feel great in the least times. After all, entertainment is vital for all folks.
There is something special about mobile gaming.

As an example, mobile phones help some genres expand as they cannot work on other consoles. Let’s take an example.
You’ll find tons of brain games that have extremely hard questions.

Since you’ll use your phone on the go, you will not get to carry your laptop or telephone with you to play games. You’ll just remove your smartphone and launch your favorite title to stay yourself occupied.


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Less development cost


The cost of mobile games development is less compare to desktop or console game development. Mobile games are often easily downloaded from the app store for free of charge and popular apps aren’t, required to market.

Mobile games don’t require an outsized display, and that they consume a less power compared to desktop due to less complexity in coding.

Most of the highest mobile app’s development company India, also as mobile game development companies offer this convenience. Some offer’s app development at a low cost but which will waste your money and time.

If you ask someone who wont to play console game, they could tell that we are more hooked in to mobile games. Mobile games offer complete satisfaction for gamers.

If we glance at the disadvantage of mobile games, we will see the shortage of controller within the game app. But we will expect this soon within the market which will give same enjoyment as console.

Mobile games have emerged as a key component within the way forward for gaming, and therefore, better of its still something has got to come. Even advance technology  like AI, Machine learning, automation, and internet of things solution also are expected to form huge impact in future games.

Mobile Gaming Accessibility

One of the main reason that games are pumped into the mobile gaming category is because they take a less time to develop, are cheap, free of cost that’s  why  Android Game So Popular and have more likelihood of being adopted by more people.

Console games involve a greater outlay of capital by the game, so are held to a particularly high standard. Against this, mobile gaming is broader and appeals to a wider range of gamers, including those that probably wouldn’t consider themselves to be gamers.

The Takeaway

In short, Android game offer ton of benefit over other console, and that is why they are so popular. Hopefully, we’ll see plenty of Android games down the road. Hope this text will assist you.

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