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What is Raspberry Pi ?

Credit card size single board computer or a programmable PC . Develop in U.K by Raspberry pi Foundation in 2009 .Concept initiated by Eben Upton who work at Broad-com. Supported by “University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory & Broad-com”. To promote the study of basic computer science in school & to develop interest among kid & adult. Has been resolution in market with over 3 million units sold.

Why Raspberry Pi?

  • Great tool for learning programming ,computers & concepts of Embedded Linux,etc.   
  • Support for all age group (school children, collage student ,programmers ,Professional developer.
  • Support & runs free & Open souse Linux OS.
  • Consume less than 5w power.
  • Supported full HD video output (1080p) Multiple USB ports etc.

Following are the various components on the Raspberry Pi board:



It is a Broad-com BCM2835 System. ARM central processing unit (CPU) and a Video core 4 graphics processing unit (GPU) are used to make it.
All the computations that make a computer work (taking input, doing calculations and producing output) handle by CPU, and the GPU handles graphics output.



GPIO exposed general-purpose input/output connection points. which allow the real hardware hobbyists the opportunity to tinker.



An RCA jack allows connection of analog TVs and also other similar output devices.

Audio out :


This is a standard 3.55-millimetre jack for connection of audio output devices which includes headphones or speakers. There is no audio in.

LED s :


Light-emitting diodes which helps all of your indicator light needs.



USB is a common connection port for peripheral devices of all types (including your mouse and keyboard).                                                                   It includes Model A has one, and Model B has two. You can USB expand the number of ports or plug your mouse into your keyboard by using USB hub if it has its own USB port.



HDMI connector allows you to hook up a high-definition television or other compatible device using an HDMI cable.

Power :


It is 5v Micro USB power connector . In which you can plug your compatible power supply.

SD card-slot :

It is of full-sized SD card slot. An SD card having operating system (OS) installed is required for booting the device. You can purchase it from the manufacturers, you can also download an OS and save it to the card yourself if you have a Linux machine.

Ethernet :


Ethernet connector allows for wired network access and is only available on the Model B.
Some of the features that are missing like WiFi and audio in, can be added using the USB port(s) or a USB hub as needed.


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What Raspberry Pi models have been released?

There have been three generations of Raspberry Pi: Pi 1, Pi 2, and Pi 3, Pi 4 and there has generally been a Model A and a Model B of most generations. Model A is a cheaper variant and tends to have reduced RAM and ports like USB and Ethernet.



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