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So a few years ago some lamborghini engineers together with researchers at mit came up with a car design that’s straight out of the far future the terzo millennial which means third millennium in italian is a car that is capable of repairing itself.

So how does the new technology used in
the car actually work the whole things is covere in the large number of special sensors.
They examine the car is health detecting any damages or deterioration if the sensors find cracks the car will repair them by filling in with special nano-tubes this prevents the problem from spreading.

The ceo of lamborghini say the terzo millennial will allow the company to revolutionize the world of engineering.
He could be right the self-repairing technology could rewrite the rules not only sports cars but for all kinds of machines imagine what it would be like if all.

Gadgets and home appliances could automatically recover from wear and tear in the same way .
The designing car to be all electric terzo millennial uses super capacitors instead of batteries because they can be charge faster and contain more energy they’ve been designe to capture and release energy.

All at the same time in order to improve the performance of the lamborghini and stop it being dependent on the chemical reactions that take place in ordinary batteries the super capacitor are made from carbon which means they can be
integrated into the car is body panel. Since they are
way smaller and lighter than standard batteries
the car also has no engine in the conventional sense instead each wheel has its own electric engine.

so that the amount of torque can be controlled for each of them individually this makes the terzo
millennial comparable to a modern formula one car.

The car is the first product of a three-years 120 million dollar partnership.

The terzo millennial top speed is nearly 220 miles per hour which is the same speed an arrow shot from a bow it has 838 horsepower .

But you won’t hear the roar of the engine even with that amount of power the terzo millennial was recently shown at the 33rd annual international automobile festival in paris.

The most interesting design for modern cars are choose here  but ….                                                     the lamborghini lost out to the mazda concept vision coupe which is another car with an incredible design if we ae look at this car we can see that the mazda and the lamborghini are two extremes of the same basic idea.

The lamborghini looks like a little starship on wheels for bad guys. while the mazda is the embodiment of futuristic grace however the mazda coupe doesn’t boast the same technology as the terzo millennia.

Another important features of the terzo is automated function for now this can be used only on a race.

But let’s look at the details the terzo has a computer system that allows the car to drive itself around
absolutely any race track without problem. once the lamborghini has completed a lap around the track on its own it’s ready to become a teacher for the driver its technology can instruct them on how to perform lap around the track just as fast and skillfully as the lamborghini itself can do it.

The terzo millennial use augments reality technology to the same thing but never mind motorsports what if you want to see the car parked in your garage or backyard.

Estimate the tarzan millennial will cost around 3 million dollars means it’s worth it however mazda and lamborghini are not the only super futuristic cars out there.

The pop-up made by ital design and airbus
won the grand prize for futuristic city car at the 33rd international automobile festival .

Both a car and a plane the pop-up is made of three different modules a passenger capsule the ground module and the air module it was designe for mega city journeys of the future.

when our cities might become as big as entire countries however that doesn’t mean the car itself is going to be the huge fit the size of a mega city to make things convenient for everybody airbus and natal design made it quite compact the idea is simple but ingenious you walk outside and get into your sleek car from the future or more accurately into the passenger capsule this is attache  to a ground module a computer scans your face and checks some other details to confirm your identity it then drives you automatically to the nearest changing station.

when you arrive at the station the ground module is replaces by the air modules and now you can fly to your final destination this also means that fewer modules need to be manufacture which will be less harmful for the environment.

one more concept car we might one day see is the renault symbios just like the others it looks sleek and futuristic but here the main goal is physical comfort in fact .

The renault engineers say that the car will become part of your house the car’s interior looks like a well-designe living room the special materials and shapes of the furniture inside have been designe to make you feel completely at home in the vehicle.

The seats can also be rotated 180 degrees offering you a totally new driving experience this feature makes it easier and more comfortable to communicate with other passengers wait what driving while chatting doesn’t seem very safe

but don’t worry this car is self-driving so just relax
and enjoy the trip the symbios is going to be part of an interconnected technological ecosystem
created entirely by renault the renault engineers imagine a perfect system of home and car that will satisfy its own energy needs  all by itself.

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