‏‏Hey guys here’s another set of COOLEST GADGETS for your room this time you’ll learn how to touch a cloud and create light shows with a piece of glass also getting ready for a real levitating clock let’s go pixel art is your ultimate decoration tools.


Divoom timebox bluetooth speaker

Divoom timebox bluetooth speaker perfectly fits any interior this by devoom proves that his features.

  • A fairly large screen with 121
    bright leds this brings you some colorful animations and glanceable info like the weather or your notifications the speaker’s provided with a mobile app that offers a ton of customization options you can display any image from the large
    gallery or even draw your own one.
  •  Allows you to answer calls or record
    voice messages right from your speaker
    that’s how a speaker turns into a great interior  necessary.
  • Special features :  Smart sleep functions, smart alarm,  smart lamp, Exclusive  pixel chart , Social  media  notification etc.



Battery : 1 Lithium polymer batteries required

Battery Backup : 250 mah

Speaker  nominal  output power: 5 watts

Connector  Types : Bluetooth

Speaker  maximum output  power: 5 watts

Audio  Recoding : No

Price: ₹ 4,299.

Led Table Lamp with flame effect  and bluetooth

Here’s a great lamp that’ll bring warmth and comfort to your dwelling the incredible design makes it look like an actual torch or something. It is another COOLEST GADGETS. 

  • But it’s just a bunch of leds with a cool flickering effect for a really good atmosphere you need.
  • some music as well so this device also acts as a bluetooth speaker which is loud enough for outdoor use you can even pair the gadgets to achieve louder sound and stereo scene
  • This speaker is completely waterproof so
    range no concern.




Light Source: 96 LED Light

Power Supply: 5V / 1A

Speaker Output Power: 5W

Bluetooth Version:V4.2

Charging Time: 4–5 hours

Music Play Time: 7.5–8 hours

Flame Lamp Play Time: 20–24 hours

Price: 1,199

 Led matrix alarm clock

Here’s a great led clock for your room or office thanks to the clean minimalist design

  • It ‘ll suit any interior despite the compact sizes this thing has a lot of cool functions first of all you can adjust the display brightness and switch betweenthree different colors red blue andgreen.
  • The gadget is equipped with touchsensitive panels on the back for all the controls.
  • This thing can also display the weather date and even notify you about holidays it comes as a diy kit but should be really easy to assemble the result will definitely be worth the effort.



Material: FR4 + Acrylic

Display Color: White / Red / Blue / Green(Optional)

Power Supply: USB Interface

Working Voltage: 5V

Working Current: 35MA

Time Accuracy: 24 hours ±2S

Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±1°C

Product Weight: 86g / 3.03oz

Package Weight: Approx. 114g / 4.02oz

Price : 2,489

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LED triangular pyramid

This triangular pyramid is another great diy gadget it uses 28 extremely bright leds that glow together beautifully the gadget is super compact and easy to use.

  •  A single touch you can switch between various light modes there are more than 20 of those so you’ll never get bored you can pair two pyramids together toachieve an even greater look
  • Thankfully no heavy soldering is required so even a beginner can easily assemble the kit the micro usb charging cable is also included in the package make beauty with your own hands.




Material: ABS, electronic component

Battery: 3 * AAA battery (not included)

Display type: digital

Shape: triangle

Item size:
Three sides of the triangle: 15 * 15 * 10cm / 5.9 * 5.9 * 3.9in

Item weight: 50g / 1.8ov

Package size: 17 * 17 * 15cm / 6.7 * 6.7 * 5.9in

Package weight: 92g / 3.2oz

Price: ₹ 650.

Bluetooth speaker with owl eyes:

If you are looking for a good speaker
for your room then take a look at this one.

  • Its actually three speakers providing
    an immersive surround sound
    additionally the speaker offers multiple
    connectivity options including use
    drives and sd cards pen drives as well as an aux port.
  • It’s also equipped with bluetooth 4.2 for wireless use you can even answer calls right from the speaker .
  • They’re a bit more compact and elegant
    plus the two-piece design does a far better job with stereo the built-in blue led lights should look great in the dark you can put them on your desktop or even mount them in your car.


Weight:  about 8.5KG

Size:  377*355*625mm

Peak Power: 300W

Battery: 12V/4400mAh

Play time:  about 15 hours

Input: AUX

Supply:  DC12V (Direct & Alternating current)Support TF, USB, Bluetooth

Wireless Microphone:  With Microphone /No Microphone

Price: ₹ 4,828.03 – 5,143.85

 Alarm clock coffee Maker

A delightful tea or coffee in the morning is a ritual that set the mood for the whole day. It is one of the most COOLEST GADGETS. 

  • The joy resolve team has developed a unique coffee alarm clock which will wake you up with the alluring aroma of your favorite drink that’s right it makes a drink before you wake up.
  • The built-in usb port will charge your smartphone and the built-in clock will keep you aware of the current time just prepare.
  • All the ingredients and load them into the appropriate containers the coffee alarm clock will do the rest choose one of the modes signal with brewing a drink preparing coffee or tea without a signal in the morning brewing coffee or tea on demand in general the design looks presentable and somehow looks like a mini laboratory which makes it unique and interesting.



Battery:1 Lithium polymer batteries d required

Temperatures / Refrigerator – Water boil in 3-5 min and pour over the coffee or tea at optimum temperature of 94C.
Cool the Milk vessel over night to keep milk fresh (5°C -8°C).

Availables in 24 hr and 12 hr clock.
The clock display automatically dim at night–time. Tested by the top tea & coffee connoisseurs and the brew has been rated as 5/5

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